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AC-12O scale Southern Pacific AC-12 Cab Forward – USH

Welcome to the page dedicated to O scale model trains. I used to model in N scale and collected a lot of trains over the years. N scale is perfect for running long trains and if you have access to a layout or a club. Unfortunately, in the city where I live, the only N-scale club disappeared and the layout modules were scattered in different directions. In addition I enjoy making and building things that go on two rails and the prospect of having to work on tiny things 160 times smaller than the prototype was no longer very motivating for me. I decided to sell my N-Scale collection and with the proceeds, transitioned and started collecting O-Scale equipments.

My passion is mostly for American trains and most specifically for the Southern Pacific, Union Pacific and Atchinson Topeka and Santa Fe. It is kind of ironic for someone living on the East Coast to have such passion for Western railroads and thus, have I decided to expand my horizons to encompass equipments from Norfolk and Western, Chesapeake and Ohio and Florida East Coast.

The world of O-Scale in the USA is dominated by Lionel and MTH. These two companies represent 90% of the O-Scale sales and have convinced their customers base that running trains on 3 rails is the way to go. Without getting into religious discussions, coming from the world of N-Scale where 3 rails are unseen and being a perfectionist in search of replicating the prototypes as faithfully as possible, my only resort was to enter the dark side of O-scale, also known as 2-Rails. Fortunately, some small American manufacturers and the rest of the world understand that trains only run on 2 Rails and thus it is possible to find some models to display and operate. The drawback of this tiny market share is the very high price of these models and their rarity.

The only O-Scale 2 Rails resources that can be found in the USA are the following forums and single publication:

Model Train Journal Classifieds

OST-Logo   The O scale Train magazine is published six times per year.


O-Scale Train Models

I invite you to click on any of the logos to browse pictures and articles.

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